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Wuwei SWI


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About the City of Wuwei
Wuwei, in central Gansu, was a center for cultural and economic exchanges with the Western Regions that now lie in west China and some area of central Asia, a strategic area on the Silk Road and a center of Buddhism. It is now an important producer of grain, energy, oil, and cash crops for the Hexi Corridor. Places of historical interest include a New Stone Age site at Huangniangniang Terrace, bronze bells at Dayun Temple, the Haizang Temple, Loshi Pagoda, a Confucian Temple, a bell tower, and the leitai Taoist Temple. The galloping bronze horse unearthed from a Han tomb in Leitai is famous throughout the world (as the symbol of China Tourism).
Lying approximately halfway between Lanzhou and Zhangye, WUWEI is a quiet, relaxing place and definitely worth a brief stopover. As well as some attractive temples, there's a pleasant new town and some quite substantial remains of the old settlement. The town's single most famous object, the Han-dynasty Flying Horse of Wuwei, was discovered here in 1969 underneath the Leitai Si. The orginal is now housed in the Lanzhou Museum but the symbol of the hors, depicted in full gallop and stpping on the back of a swallow, can be seen everywhere in China. 

Dessert near Wuwei

The Wuwei Social Welfare Institute

The Wuwei Social Welfare Institute has been in service since the 1950's. As a government institution, the SWI houses both children and senior citizens of Wuwei County, in the Gansu Province.
In 2001, the Wuwei Social Welfare Institute joined China's International Adoption program, opening its doors for children to be adopted outside of China for the first time.
Reports vary widely as to the number of children in this institution. Everywhere from 60 to 200 have been discussed. We know that children who are not adopted will attend school at the institution. At the age of 11, the children begin to learn a trade to prepare for working. Some girls stay at the institution to become caretakers.
The Director of the Orphanage is Mr. Dong. The assistant director is Mr. Wong. The caretaker-child ratio at the institution is 1 caretaker for every 4 children. Children are often grouped by 7 to 10 in a room, with caretakers working shifts.
This orphange does accept packages for children about to be adopted and will also take pictures of the children if a disposable camera is included.
The mailing address of the Wuwei Social Welfare Institute:
Wuwei Social Welfare Institute
#338, Fuli Road
Wuwei City, Gansu Province
PRC China 733000
Mr.  Dong Junshan

The Wuwei SWI

The Great Wall in the dessert near Wuwei

Temple of Wuwei

Katie Chan, 2 years old, Adopted from Wuwei SWI

The Chan family adopted Katie from the Wuwei SWI in November, 2002.

The Chan Family

The Chan family from Virginia documented their trip to China to complete the adoption for Katie. Their website contains photos of the Wuwei Social Welfare Institute.