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Zhangye SWI


Zhangye SWI
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About the city of Zhangye

Zhangye, known as Ganzhou in ancient times, is the granary of the Hexi Corridor and a national-level historic and cultural city. Marco Polo once stayed there for a year. The city is known for the world's largest indoor statue of Sleeping Buddha and the Yugur folklore that one cannot find anywhere else.

Zhangye city

During the Ming period, Zhangye was an important garrison town for soldiers guarding the Great Wall, and today the road from Wuwei to Zhangye is still a good place from which to view the Wall, visible for a large part of the way as a slightly sad and crumbling line of mud ramparts. Initially it runs to the north of the road, until, quite dramatically, the road suddenly cuts right through a hole in the Wall and continues on the other side.

Although Zhangye is not generally an attractive town, there are a number of places that offer at least a day of sight-seeing. The center of the town is marked, as in many Chinese towns, by a Gulou(Drum Tower) at the crossroads. The tower, built in the Ming dynasty (1507), has two tiers and houses a massive bronze bell. The four streets radiating out from here, Bei jie, Dong Jie, Nan Jie and Xi Jie, are named after their respective compass points, and most of the sights are in the southwest of town in the vicinity of the Zhangye Hotel.

Rural Zhangye

About the Zhangye SWI

The first known International Adoptions from the Zhangye Social Welfare Institute occured in 2002. Very little is known about the social welfare institute, other than families report that the buildings look very well kept based on pictures they have seen. The children are well cared for by the orphanage staff.
The mailing address for the Zhangye Social Welfare Institute is:
Zhangye Orphanage & Social Welfare
North of Beimen Crossroad
Zhangye City, Gansu Province
PRC China 734000
Director, Mr. Shen

The Zhangye SWI

Double Happiness

Zhangye Family Links

If you have adopted from this orphanage and would like to have your family website listed here, then please contact the webmaster at

People of Zhangye City
People of Zhangye City

Temple of Zhangye